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August 19, 2019

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October 30, 2018

October 30, 2018

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October 30, 2018

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City Lights



  [One homeless man and one flower-selling girl]

  One year ago, he met her when she was selling flowers. He felt that he loved her. But, she was blind. Many things happened. He gave her money to treat her eyes. After that, he was in prison. When she could see, she also sold flowers. 

 One day, he left prison and found her. She didn’t recognize him. But by the senses, she knew that he was the one she was waiting for. 

     It’s a happy ending. The film is very good and interesting. But, I think that this story doesn’t happen in fact.




What I thought by watching Charlie Chaplin’s move, City Lights.


By a student at the Low Intermediate level


Movie description.

[Woman selling flowers and homeless man]


First, she is blind. She sells flowers on the street.  A homeless guy bought one. She thinks he is a rich man, She doesn’t know that he is homeless.


Second, she took an operation, so she can see. she was waiting for him because he payed for her operation fee. She didn’t know he is the homeless guy, but she remembered his voice. So she noticed him passing by, and she presented a flower and change to him.


If she could see him, she wouldn’t like his looks, but she couldn’t see. 


This movie wonted to convey that people are not looking ahead. I think this movie was simple, but various ideas were applied depending on the absence of inter titles.


I think this movie, can be enjoyed by children and adults.

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