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Museum Field Trip

On this field trip, we first went to the Pan Pacific Park, a very big park where people can do anything they like. I saw a playground, a soccer field, picnic benches, and charcoal grills. It's a great place for exercising and yoga, and taking animals for a walk. Close to the park there is also the Los Angeles Museum of Holocaust

I did not understand Jewish history in English, but when I visited the Museum of Holocaust, it made me excited to learn and discover more on social network. I read about it on the internet and it's too terrible. In 1933, the Jewish population of Europe was more than 9 million. By 1945, the Nazis and their collaborators had killed nearly two out of every three of European Jews as part of their "Final Solution." German SS, the military police, murdered more than a million Jews, men, women and children, and more than hundreds of thousands of others.

At the Grove (see picture above), it's easy for people to come for the first time to find the books they need. I really like this bookstore because there are many kinds of books and DVDs, especially since I found what I need in my studies and for teaching the children later.

The Grove courtyard is a very good place for people to walk and feel close to nature. Everyone can relax, eat, and talk to each other.

Finally, we stopped at the American Girl, a doll store. There are dolls of many nationalities, who live in the United States. It is so cute. I also chose for myself a Vietnamese doll girl. Interesting, if you don't like the current hairstyle, you can change it to one you like through the "doll beauty salon."

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