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Pizza Anyone?

Hello everyone. I have been a student at AFI College of English and have had the opportunity to get to know this city intimately. After arriving in this city, I visited the museums, LA live, beaches and all the hot spots. I suppose that is something every foreigner does. One thing we all know about LA is that it is the epitome of diversity. Many cultures, creeds, cuisines and cultures interact here on everyday basis. In my opinion, the most beneficial outcome of the cross cultural interaction is the various kinds of food that one can find. One can name a cuisine and someone, somewhere in Los Angeles is preparing it. In other words, every taste that I can imagine on a food spectrum is readily available for satisfaction of my palate. I am a student at AFI College and cooking is something I enjoy occasionally. Therefore, I prefer to hunt for new places that have delicious food to offer. I would like to share my experience at such one place.

The name of the restaurant is Masa of Echo Park. It is situated in Silver Lake neighborhood in the heart of the city. Easily accessible by bus if you are not driving, this place is a synonym for comfort, good service, great vibe and quality food at reasonable prices. The restaurant itself is bohemian in outlook and no specific dress code is required. So, one can enjoy their food in a relaxed and casual setting. They offer what I prefer to call American Italian food. Menu at the Masa is just like any other establishment, but one item that stands out is their ‘Chicago style Deep Dish’ pizza.

This is something to die for. I have never been to Chicago but my friends who are from there often tell me that Masa comes very very close. In fact the restaurant is run and operated by someone who is from Chicago. Deliciousness oozes out of every bite of this pizza. They have some deep dish pizzas on the menu or you can pick your own toppings and create your own heaven of cheese and mouthwatering baked dough. That’s what I do. I frequently go there and order a large deep dish pizza with Jalapeno’s , onions and mushrooms with lots and lots and lots of cheese. This monstrosity takes roughly 45 minutes to prepare and on a good day, I barely can finish three slices and trust me that I can eat.

The crowd is young, hip and Angeleno in the true sense of the word. One can find this great Chicagoan tradition in the heart of Los Angeles. I highly recommend that you visit this place and I am certain that you will not be disappointed. Let me know if you agree.

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