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A F International News Service - A Proposal

Today's Exchange Rate: One Japanese Yen : 0.0091 US Dollar

Today's Weather in Los Angeles: Sunny with a high of 75 degrees Fahrenheit

Headlines: AFI Issues Newsletter. AFI students are eagerly awaiting the first issue of the AFInternational Newsletter. They welcome comments and suggestions.

International News: The Wonder of Shohei Otani. I would like to introduce Shohei Otani to the Angels team. He is a super player who can be a batter as well as a pitcher. Can you understand how great he is? He is only the second player in baseball history who can do it. We should see his baseball game. Let's go to the stadium!

Local News: New to LA. When I came here, I took a taxi from the airport. When I was riding the taxi, I thought, I wonder if I can live in a place like LA. But now I have many classmates and friends.

Entertainment: Time to watch TIME. You should watch the movie TIME. It is a Science Fiction action suspense movie that is my favorite. In this movie, people stop aging after they are 25 years old and they have body clocks in their left arm. The clocks indicate their life expectancy. In the world of the movie, poor people have less time, but rich people have a lot of time, like forever. The main person in the movie is a poor man. He investigates mysteries in the world.

Travel: 2020. Olympics. Japan. You must come to Japan in 2020, and you must call me. I will go to the airport by car to pick you up. I will show you around Tokyo. Please call me!

Recipe: Easy as a Cup of Noodles. I want to teach you how to make instant noodles, Japanese style. First you need a cup of noodles and hot water. Then you pour hot water in the noodle cup. After that, you should wait 3 or 5 minutes. That's it. Good luck!

Sports: My town built a new baseball stadium that is five minutes by bike from my house. Everyone can go there. Of course, you have to pay money when you do. But it is such a nice stadium.

For Sale: Cambridge Interchange book, slightly used, many correct answers in pencil, for sale. $5 (that is a 90% savings over a new book). Call Yuri.

For Sale Insights: Rich people never buy used things. So, if you want to be a rich person, you shouldn't buy used things (except my textbook).

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