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  • By Ammar Alharbi, High Intermediate Level

The Petersen Automotive Museum

Last week a visit to the Petersen Automotive Museum was on our sightseeing schedule. There were three classes that went to the Petersen museum. The current exhibition dealt with the history of the Ferrari. The Petersen was a good idea because there are cars from the early 1900’s until the present day. The museum has three stories and is well organized . Every floor has different kinds of cars

This is me with my friends Kim from Germany and Claudia from Angola. People in Angola speak Portuguese. The car behind us is classy and a classic but I like Mercedes and Ferrari. But this is not a Ferrari.

This is a Ferrari. Ferraris are amazing. They are not only beautiful but they are also safe. A Ferrari is definitely in my future.

After we finished the trip we got separated. Some stayed at the museum to eat lunch. Joe, Yana, Bryan and I went to a Malaysian restaurant. The food was delicious. You must try it.

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