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  • by Nida Mao (TOEFL Class)

Big Hero 6 Review

There are many incredible movies that have come out this year. Hence, I’m going to review one of these captivating films, which is Big Hero 6. Personally, I really adore this film for numerous reasons. It’s an adventure, a comedy, an action-packed, animated feature film with a story involving a robotic prodigy named Hiro Hamada, who is depressed because of his brother’s death. Later, he found out that his invention had been stolen by a kabuki-masked villain. Consequently, in order to defeat the villain, Hiro transformed his robotic companion, Baymax, and his brother’s confidants, into a small band of heroes.

First, all of the characters are amazing. For instance, I really love Baymax because he is portrayed as a very warm and kind brother, who can keep you company. Especially when you’re sad or lonely. Moreover, the graphic design for the actors looks fantastic. Particularly, Baymax looks like a combination of a robot and a huge chunk of marshmallow, which exhibits an adorable and charming image that makes you want to hug him tightly and wish you owned him.

Second, I really admire the setting, which is this futuristic city named San Fransokyo. Indeed, this city is a combination of San Francisco and Tokyo, which have very distinct cultures. Furthermore, the technology that is depicted in this movie mesmerizes me. For instance, Baymax, which is a personal health-care android, would be a great innovation for humankind.

Finally, I strongly cherish the story line. When Baymax acted drunk because he had run out of his battery, I found his behavior hysterical.. Besides the engrossing and comical plot of the film, I think the movie represents reality. For instance, when Hiro lost his brother, he withdrew from the world and didn’t want to go out because he thought he was alone. However, his friends come to console and cheer him up. This illustrates that when an individual is having a hard time, you need friends the most and that’s how you can get up and move on.

In conclusion, I think this movie is one of the best feature films from Walt Disney Pictures. Recently, it was celebrated and won an Academy Award for Best Animated Picture 2015. I would recommend this film to all moviegoers since it is suitable for both adults and young kids.

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