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  • By Pauline and Sally from China

An Interview with Chris

We are happy to introduce our teacher, Mr. Christopher Kowalchuk.

Chris had lived in Tokyo, Japan, for about six years. When we asked him about his experience of living in Japan, he said that the most challenging part was expressing himself in Japanese. This is the reason why he can appreciate the language barrier that students commonly encounter when they live and learn in a new environment, as our international students do when they arrive in the United States.

Chris said that he loves teaching English, and we think he is a very passionate teacher since he feels pleased and a sense of fulfillment when he can help students improve their English skills and become fluent in English.

Chris concedes that, yes, it may be boring and difficult to learn new vocabulary and grammar; however, he has many tricks up his sleeve how to make even these tasks more interesting. He will provide you with the most suitable way to learn efficiently. For example, he loves to use social media like Instagram and Facebook to help us students finish homework in the class, so we don`t have much homework after class.

He said, ”If you really want to learn English, I won’t let you down! Just trust me.” He is a patient and kind teacher, and he has a lot of teaching experience

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